Aims and Objectives: To know the most common surgical problems in pediatric patients presented with inguino-scrotal swellings and management done routinely.

Methodology: This study was carried out in the department of general surgery, Sharadaben hospital and pediatric surgery of VS hospital, Ahmedabad. The cases were studied for a period of about one year (January, 2017 to Dec, 2017) and all children below 12 years of age, presenting to us with inguinoscrotal swellings were included in this study. The information was analysed in terms of age, diagnosis, procedure carried out and outcome.

Results: Amongst the 150 children under the age of 12 years, 143 patients were males and 7 were females. Among these 150, 52 cases were of hydrocoele, 70 cases of hernia (of which 63 were males and 7 were females), 25 cases of undescended testis and 3 cases of epididymo orchitis were documented. All cases underwent simple herniotomy for hernia and hydrocoele, orchidopexy for undescended testis. The length of hospital stay ranged from 2-4 days with mean of 2.46 days. 11 children in the study were documented to have short term complications, all of which were recognised in the hospital and managed with good results.

Conclusion: Hernia and Hydrocoele in children are often congenital and diagnosed clinically (history and examination). Indirect inguinal hernia are more common than other groin hernias. Open herniotomy is the operation of choice for inguinal hernia in children.



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