Aims & Objectives: To compare:1) Hemodynamic responses during insertion of pro-seal laryngeal mask airway (PLMA) vs endo-tracheal tubation (ETT) in hypertensive patients under control. 2) The incidence of complications.

Methods: A total of 30 patients aged between 45-60 years of ASA grade II having history of essential hypertension under control, were on oral medication who were posted for abdominal surgeries under GA were randomly divided into two groups of 15 each (One group for PLMA insertion and other for ETT insertion). The two groups were compared for pressor responses following insertion of PLMA or ETT.

Results: After PLMA Insertion, mean pulse increased from 67±7 to 68±5 per minute, Systolic Blood Pressure (BP) increased from 123±1 to 127±5 per mmHg, Diastolic BP increased from 72±8 to 78±7 per mmHg and Mean Artery Pressure (MAP) increased from 89±11 to 94±8 mm Hg. After ETT insertion: Mean pulse increased from 68±2 to 80±8 per minute, Systolic BP increased from 124±1 to 152±8 per mmHg, Diastolic BP increased from 72±8 to 96±8 per mmHg and MAP increased from 89±10 to 115±4 mm Hg.

Conclusion: We concluded that Proseal LMA is safe. It is judged by: Stable hemodynamics, adequate oxygenation, and ventilation and less complications.



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