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The term of universal health coverage (UHC) are getting popularity among the countries who have not yet attained it. Majority of the developing countries are planning to implement the UHC to protect the vulnerable citizen who cannot afford to buy the health services. Poor people living in developing countries, where there is no UHC, are bereft of getting equal health care. They have to bear a significant amount of health cost in buying different services which often causes catastrophic expenditures for an individual and a family. If a country can provide UHC, it will be possible to bring all the citizens under provision of equal and quality care. However, implementation of a UHC is not an easy phenomenon, rather it needs proper design of a good health insurance system by integrating both the public and private health care providers. The influence of good governance and a sustainable health financing system is fundamental to establish UHC in the developing countries.

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Issue: Vol 1 No 1 (2017)
Page No.: 18-20
Section: Articles
DOI: https://doi.org/10.15419/jmri.41

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Received: 11-04-2017
Accepted: 16-04-2017
Published: 17-04-2017

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 Copyright 2017. Sojib Bin Zaman, Naznin Hossain.

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Zaman SB, Hossain N. Universal Health Coverage: A burning need for developing countries. Journal of Medical Research and Innovation. 2017;1(1):18-0. DOI: 10.15419/jmri.41

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